HDPE – Silicon Fibre Optic (Dual Wall Ducts)

HDPE silicon-core pipe is a kind of communication optical (electric) cable protecting tubing, which is produced and shaped through extruding synchronistically the silicon-core material with low friction coefficient inside HDPE pipe. Thus the HDPE silicon-core pipe provides the convenience for the cable lying because of the lubricating solid tunnel with durability and lower frication coefficient. It becomes the most advanced optical cable protection in the world at present. Its advancement is presented on the replacement of cable personal pulling.

The cable-blowing machine will blow the cable into the lower friction HDPE pipe and the cable goes forward at high speed in the suspension state. This cable laying way avoids the cable damages caused by the pulling. The cable blown once can reach more 2000 meters. For that, the accidental signal loss caused by machine pulling has been reduced greatly and the too many knots resulted from the pulling length limitation has been decreased greatly. At the same time, the well digging quantities have been minimized and the project cost has been saved.hdpe-silicon_dual

The HDPE silicon-core pipe has the high intensity, excellent property resisting high or low temperature, adaptability for steepness and bending changes.

Other Information


  • 32mm and 40mm
  • Rolls up-to 1000m

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Fibre Optic Ducting (Innerduct / Subduct) – Specs