HDPE Poly Pipes

HDPE pipes are chemically inert and unaffected by soil conditions

The High Density Poly Pipe (HDPE) will deliver water with superior performance in a variety of applications and sectors. The flexibility translates to ease of installation and fewer joints. Because of the good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance properties, HDPE poly pipes can be used in:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Municipalities and Peri- Urban Projects
  • Chemical Industries to transport various gases, alkalis, acids and solutions;
  • Drainage
  • Construction
  • Road works
  • Food industry for conveying edible oils, fruit pulps, juices, milk and other foods
  • Laboratory drainage in Hospitals
  • Mining Industries for sluice transfer and general mineral processing
  • Telecommunications ducting for fibre optic or cabling purposes.

Other Information


  • Supplied in 100 meters, unless specified for different purposes


  • Black or otherwise specified by customers’ use


  • Class 3, inside diameter pipes from 16mm to 50mm in diameter. Usually use nylon insert fittings or galvanized steel fittings which fit from the inside of the pipe.
  • Class 6, outside diameter pipes from 16mm to 110mm in diameter. Usually use compression fittings which are fitted from outside of the pipe.